What is Reckless and what am I doing?

Reckless has been in the works for close on 18 years. It is a role-playing board game, attempting to combine D&Dlike role-playing with the ease of use that board games provide, and where clever DMing is especially rewarded. It also provides a way for people to practice their improv DM skills.

(Yes, I use DM, which stands for Dungeon Master, as opposed to GM (Games Master), or referee. Why? Because it just sounds more fun.)

Unlike other board game RPGs where the focus is on players facing some encounter provided by a book or card, where their options are really just roll against a predetermined number or flee (except the excellent Tales of the Arabian Nights, which provides the players with many options, mostly leading to sad and humorous results), Reckless has a focus on players being clever DMs, taking it in turns to describe the other players encounters, which allows the other players to use their imagination to overcome obstacles.

For example, in many other games a player might encounter a black knight, and their options may be to fight, and roll against their strength score, or flee, and roll against their dexterity score. In reckless the player might encounter the knight, and they might fight, describing how they will attempt to defeat the knight, or flee, maybe leaving a trap, or talk to and befriend the knight, steal his horse, cast magic and turn the knight into a toad, lead the knight into an ambush, and so on.

Ok, so that is Reckless, what am I doing?

Don't really know yet. I want to maybe present Reckless in some physical form, like a book. I am going to provide more scenarios or settings then the one I already provided. Space opera, an actual dungeon, one that is also part strategy game. I'm not entirely sure. Each scenario migh have it's own rules.

My hope is that people will start to provide their own settings, their own maps, for others to play on. 


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